Sunday, April 28, 2013

A busy six months

I ran into a friend today at church who mentioned that she just looked at my blog the other day.  It made me realize that I haven't updated it in about 6 months, so here I am sadly attempting to fill in what has happened over that span of time.  We've been up to a lot, probably more than I can remember, but I will try to recap the big stuff. 

Obviously we had the holidays and then a bunch of birthdays in between.  There were visits from family members on top of the usual life duties.  Aaron tested for a promotional position of Engineer in March.  The engineers drive the fire trucks and work the pumps during a fire.  After the long testing process, he became number 18 out of 100 guys!  So proud of him!  He also went to Boston for a few days in April for training with the Fire Dept special ops group he's apart of.  He literally left the day before the bombing, thank the Lord!  I went to New York for 4 days the following week for a performance.  I had a wonderful time with friends and we sold out our show!  I redid some furniture in my house and cut 8 inches of my hair off to donate.  Therese has been taking dance class and recently just got her ears pierced.  The kids are growing like crazy, so here's some of the words, stories, and funny things that have been happening around our house.  

Clay's words:
-uh oh
-uh uh
-water bottle
-I don't know
-down (for up)
-sit here
-here Mama

He's around 24 lbs and 30 inches tall.


-I took Therese with me to pick out Aaron's birthday gifts in March.  I told her not to tell Daddy where we went or what we got for him so that it would be a surprise.  She likes to pray before our meals, so on his birthday she prayed before our dinner.  Here's what she said, "Dear Jesus, thank you for this food and thank you that we got to go to Cabela's and buy daddy a water bottle and sunglasses for his birthday.  Dear Jesus, Amen!"  She was so proud of herself but had no idea she just spoiled daddy's surprise.  :)  

-My friend came over for dinner one night and she has a nose ring.  Therese was asking her about it since she had never seen one before.  A few days later she tells me, "Mommy, I need a diamond."  Oh really?  What kind of diamond?  "I need a diamond in my nose, just like Jenny!"  

-We were in the bathroom at dance class when Reese says to me, "When I don't listen to my mom and dad, I ask Jesus to forgive me.  He tells me it's okay."

-She constantly reminds us that when we spank her, it breaks her heart.

-She heard the word bikini on the radio and exclaimed, "They said zucchini Mom!  I love zucchini!"

-When Clay gets upset, she will hug and comfort him until he stops crying.  She will rub his back and tell him it's okay.  It's really sweet to watch her care for her little brother. 

She's around 40 lbs and 41/42 inches tall.  

 Christmas 2012

 Christmas 2012

Playing at the fire station

Park day

Easter 2013

Hair before donation

Hair after

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The D's said...


Seeing you at church today genuinely made me so happy. I have always liked sweet you. You have such a gentle kindness about you, which is such a blessing to be around...even if quickly felt for a quick chat at church!

Lots and lots of love!

PS - Your kiddos are SO cute!