Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 Months

Clay is 10 months!!!  One of these days I will post some pics, I'm just falling way behind.  I'm on my way out of town tomorrow to visit family in MN so this is going to be short.

-The biggest thing going on right now,  Clay is pretty much walking!  He takes risks walking away from the objects he is holding on to, but usually sits down and begins to crawl.  If I put him down, he will walk 2-5 feet at a time before falling over.  He's more than capable of doing it on his own, he just hasn't figured it out.  It's fun to see him try though.

-It took a few weeks to get him sleeping through the night and after getting a week or two of sweet sleep, he's back up.  :-/  Not sure why he keeps waking himself up.  If I knew, we'd all be getting a lot more sleep around here.

-Clay is very observant.  He will mimic things he sees his sister or others do.  One day I caught him placing food on a fork and trying to put it in his mouth after seeing his sister use one. And another day we had our neighbor kid over and he was using the sit and spin.  After watching our neighbor kid spin, he began to spin himself around on his bottom.  So funny.

-He roars like a dinosaur.  Therese was roaring like one at dinner and out of the blue, Clay started growling.  We all erupted in laughter and he continues to do it just to get laughs out of us. 

-Waving hello and goodbye  :)

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