Sunday, July 29, 2012

8 Months

-For the last few weeks, Clay has been pulling up on and cruising furniture.  He's even climbing our stairs.

-Eating lots of foods: cheese, crackers, melon, bananas, applesauce,  pretty much anything he can sink his gums into!  He even snagged a piece of his sister's cake sitting on the coffee table last night!  This kid loves to eat and he's doing very well using his pincher grasp, even scooping pureed food into his little mouth.

-I can finally see two of his top teeth that have been working their way in.  Hopefully they'll break through soon.

-He dances to music.  :)

-Clay is a very affectionate child.  I want to share some of the sweet things he's doing right now.  When he sees someone he knows, like his grandparents, he will reach his hand out until they come to him.  Then he will stroke their face with his hand lovingly while smiling.  Also, during the night after he's done feeding, he will pull himself up to my chest and then snuggle in.  He will fall asleep for a few minutes to me rubbing his back, and sometime will even rub my arms as I rub his back.  It's in these moments that I never want to let him go.

Update:  As of tonight (7/30/12), Clay let go of the couch and stood on his own for a few seconds!  This kid is blowing my mind!!!

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