Sunday, July 1, 2012

7 Months

Here's what my little guy is up to:

-Crawling:  For the first 3 weeks of the month he pulled himself around on his belly while trying out a few moves on all fours.  Then about a week before he turned 7 months, he began crawling on all fours and pushing himself up to sitting position.  He now goes from sitting, to crawling and back to sitting all the time and nothing can keep him from moving all over the house.  

-Working on talking.  Lots of sounds but the one he says the most is ma ma ma ma.

-Extremely affectionate.  When I get him up from his nap, he wraps his arms around my neck tightly and squeezes giving me a hug.  He's such a sweet little guy.

-He's working on getting his top teeth. 

-He loves to swim.  When we get him in the water he kicks his legs frantically with a huge grin.  He even dunks his face in the water!

-The more time that the kids spend together, the more they love each other!  They are so cute together.  Clay lights up as soon as he sees Reese and I will often find her cracking him up.

-When I get home from being gone somewhere, Clay will smile big and charge towards me.  I love how happy he gets to see me.

-One of my favorite things he does is what we call "The Bobblehead."  He wiggles his head back and forth like a bobblehead.  He makes it a game by "bobbling" back and forth with you.  It's so funny!

-He loves books.  If Aaron and Therese are reading anywhere near him, he will lunge to get to them or crawl his way across the floor and beg to be included.  

-21 lbs. and 27 inches long

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