Thursday, May 24, 2012

6 Months

Six months. In some ways it seems a lot longer but in other ways, I can't believe that my little baby is already half of a year old. These first six months have been a blur due to how difficult our lives have been and I feel like I've missed it all. I think as he gets older and I near Therese's third birthday in July, I'm getting weepy and reflective. Why is it so difficult to watch your kids grow up? Truly bittersweet. 

Enough of the sappy stuff and on to Clay. This kid has so much motivation! He never stops moving and is determined to be all over the house. He has been this way since he was a newborn but now it's getting so much more difficult to corral! I practically have to wrestle him to get his diaper changed because he wants to move all over the table and refuses to let me keep his legs still! You can imagine the mess I have every time I change him. Even nursing isn't very peaceful...he kicks, and rolls and pulls the ENTIRE time he eats. Quite painful. He's also quite the little piggy! He will eat two bowls of cereal, an entire vegetable and still nurse both sides before bed! This kid just can't enough food. 

Here's what he's up to: 
-Sitting up all by himself (happened a few days after my last post) 
-Has his two bottom teeth coming in 
-To add to the scooting, he is now pushing up on hands and knees to attempt crawling 
-He's rolling both ways, back to belly, belly to back. 
-Wearing 9-12 month clothes 
-Still wakes to eat 2x a night 
-Eats carrots, peas, cereal for dinner and bananas, avocado and watermelon in the food feeder 
-About 18 lbs., 27 inches long 
-Still my little snugglebug 

Our life is definitely more rich with him in it. His smiles and happiness light up our world. Love you little Bubba.