Friday, April 27, 2012

5 Months

Clay is 5 months!  Here's what he is doing right now:
-17 lbs., 26.5 inches long
-Wearing 9 month clothes
-Tripod sitting.  He is close to sitting all the way up unassisted. 
-Close to crawling.  He pulls his knees up under himself and kicks, which scoots him across the floor on his belly.
-Walks the whole house in his walker.
-For the last month he has been eating cereal before bed.  We recently tried peas and it was a success.  This kid likes food.  If he's sitting anywhere near food, he will open his mouth, follow the fork and whine for the food.  So funny.  

He's a VERY active baby, never sits still!  We're having fun playing with our happy, little man.

Monday, April 9, 2012

March Madness

It's been crazy around here. In March while we were on vacation, Aaron acquired a Staph infection that ended up being MRSA. It was so bad that he ended up getting surgery to remove it all! That was a rough couple of weeks as he had 2 surgeries, was laid up for at least a week, multiple doctor's visits, disinfecting the house, a hundred loads of laundry, among new linens/rugs etc. After two weeks of rest and antibiotics, he is infection free and we're pretty sure we eliminated it (as much as you really can) in the house as no one else got it. He's back to work and healing well.

Then we noticed that our dog Kona wasn't eating and had lost some significant weight. I took her to the vet and he suspected it was cancer. We ran some bloodwork on her and it confirmed to him that it was indeed cancer. We spent the weekend with her, spoiling her with steak and lots of love, and then put her to sleep on Monday, April 2nd. It was a sad day. Copper isn't doing too well either. In fact my vet thought we should put her to sleep too, but we couldn't handle losing them both at the same time. We're giving her some time before we go down that road again.


Sleep is still sporadic with Clay, but we get some decent nights. With all of the stress around here, I needed a creative outlet to relax. Therese loves the Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr., it's her favorite show. And her favorite episode is Rockstar. Every time she watches it she says to me, "I need a rockstar jacket," so that pushed me to get busy on a project. Behold below, the rockstar jacket!!

(Not sure why this is flipped)

Here are some funny things Therese has been saying around here:

-She walks up to people and says, "Hi I'm Reesie, I like to dance!"

-She woke up crying in the middle of the night, and when I asked her what was wrong, she asked me, "Did Copper eat me?" I laughed.

-She loves the moon and talks to it like it's a person. We have to say goodnight to the moon daily and after taking her out one night, this is what I heard her say, "Goodnight moon! I gotta go nigh night in my big girl bed!" (while waving)

-After I got her dressed one morning, she exclaimed, "I'm so fresh, booyah!" Then gave me her knuckles and said, "Pound it!"

Therese is a crazy 2.5 year old, Clay is scooting on the floor and walking in his walker. Aaron is going to school 2 nights a week along with his regular work schedule and being apart of a special ops team with the department. I'm just trying to keep everything going without dying in a pile by the end of the day! Just focusing on getting my health back. We're hoping in another month when school is out for him that things will slow down a bit and we can just enjoy life!