Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The First 2 Months

The first 2 months were pretty difficult for us. But now that things are beginning to mellow out, I've found some time to actually blog about them.

The transition from 1 to 2 kids has been pretty difficult for me. I did not think it was hard going from 0 to 1, but adding Clay in has really thrown me. He hasn't been the easiest to deal with and neither has his sister. We constantly have behavioral issues from our very independent, opinionated 2 year old who wants things her way and pitches a fit if it doesn't happen. We landed ourselves in urgent care when she decided to pick her brother up out of his swing when mommy left the room. After hearing the screams of pain, I found Clay lying on the ground where she dropped him at only a few weeks old. She smothers his face with blankets, hits him in the head, covers him in tape, grapes in the mouth, scaring him...the brother abuse goes on! So we're learning how to be gentle with our little "brudder Cway-wen."

After a difficult labor, Clay wasn't any easier. He was extremely fussy the first 4 weeks. He cried every time we put him down and would not sleep unless being held. I tried his bassinet, bouncer and swing but nothing worked. He had to be held otherwise he was unhappy. Every so often he would fall asleep in his swing, but it was never for more than 15-20 minutes. So I wore him in my Moby wrap during the day and we would sit up with him at night. We'd sit in the recliner chairs all night trying to console him and keep him from crying but would do it in shifts. I would sit up with Clay from 12am-4am and Aaron would take him from 4am-8am. Then Therese would be up and I'd get up with her so Aaron could go back to bed. It was rough. He also was nursing every 1.5-2 hours around the clock. I tried to space him out but it just wasn't working. The other issue, just like his sister, he had a slight tongue tie. So every feeding was excruciatingly painful. But instead of waiting 2 very long and painful months, I had his tongue clipped in the second week. It made a slight difference in the beginning, but I had to retrain him over the next few weeks. It has improved with time and we are virtually pain-free at this point.

At 4 weeks, he began to mellow out. The feedings stretched out slightly, he would sit contently in his swing without crying and began to sleep in his bassinet during the day and night. At night he was sleeping about 2-3 hour stretches, which isn't much but we were thrilled! The Lord also gave us a sweet little surprise...Clay began smiling early! It was a little ray of sunshine in my day as things were still very difficult.

At 6 weeks, I had a bad night with the kids and Aaron had a bad night on shift (no sleep), so upon Aaron's arrival home we decided to implement a schedule that day. Since he was 6 weeks, we thought it was a good time. He took to it and began sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches at night and napping during the day. He'd sleep his longest stretch in the early evening, 8pm-1am, feed, sleep until about 4am, feed, and back to bed until about 8am when his sister got up. His sleeping slowly stretched out even more over the next 2 weeks and he's now sleeping 8pm-4:30am, one feeding then back to bed until 8:30am when Therese gets up. They go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time, hallelujah!!!

Now that the drama is over, here are some pics of Clay over the last 2 months. He's a very happy little guy, smiling and giggling all day long! Such a little joy to have around.

2 Weeks

Loving her brother


Bath time

Happy guy

She loves him