Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime fun

It's been a busy summer already. At the end of May we headed to Colorado for a friend's wedding, of which I was a bridesmaid. We decided to get there a week early to help with wedding preparations but before we arrived, we stopped in Sante Fe, New Mexico for our anniversary. I came down with food poisoning, so the first few days weren't so fun, but we managed to make our last day worth it by checking out the Sante Fe Children's Museum and dinner.

At the park


Playing with magnets at the museum


Anniversary dinner-Tomasita's

While in Colorado, we had a graduation party for the bride who just obtained her Doctorate in Pharmacy, a bachelor party, a baby shower, a bachelorette party, a bridesmaid outing of manis/pedis, family dinners and I made the bridal bouquets. It was a pretty busy week! But we managed to get some time away to do some fun things as a family too. Aaron hiked Pike's Peak and we went to the Cheyenne Zoo at the base of the Peak on another afternoon.

Planting flowers with Grandma Aud

Playing outside

Hide and Go Seek

Bridesmaid outing

Aaron at base camp at 10,000 feet

With the bride Brenna

Our attempt at a family shot, but someone wouldn't cooperate

Eating wedding cake



Feeding the giraffes-her favorite part and ours too!

The Haley family

After getting home, we jumped right into swimming at my parent's house! Therese LOVES it and I think she'll be swimming on her own within a month. She's already jumping off the side of the pool and the diving board, just into someone's arms for now. She's got strong kicking legs and is starting to add her arms to the mix. It's always a sad time for her when we have to get out and say goodbye to Grandma and Papa.

Jumping in!

Hanging with Daddy

Washing the car with Daddy

I'm of course growing by the day and looking forward to meeting our newest family member this fall. We will be finding out what we're having this Friday, so we'll post some pics of the baby and the BIG news when we get it!