Thursday, April 7, 2011

My BIG, little girl

So once again, I'm WAY behind on this thing. I've been meaning to update for months now, but everyone's been sick, life is busy, blah, blah, blah. For anyone that cares, here is our update.

Therese is 20 months. She weighs around 30 lbs. and is about 34 inches tall.

Therese's language is amazing. I can't keep up with it anymore, so here is my last attempt at documenting all her words and phrases. I know I'm missing some, but I can't remember it all.


Ready or not, here I come!
Oh, sorry!
Just a second
In a minute
I see you
Ready, set, go!
Help you
Hold you
There it is
I find it
Kona/Mama/Papa etc, where are you?
It's funny (pronounced "fuddy")
Whoa, whoa, careful!
I'd eat that
Ooh bubbles, I love it!
Kiss it?
All better
Shake, shake, shake
It's yours
Good girl
I don't know?
I love you
Thank you
You're welcome
What you doin' daddy/mama?
It's hot/cold/windy
Oh, it's so cute!/Doggie, he's so cute!


Elmo, milk, potty, car, truck, piece, bite, bucket, pee, poopy, face, toe, fingers, foot, spicy, peaches, cucumber, orange, apple, icecream, please, eyebrows, forehead, chin, cheeks.......and pretty much everything else!!!

-She knows about 30 different animals and most of their sounds.

-She can distinguish between these colors: red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black.

-She knows these shapes: heart, star, triangle, square and circle.

-She also talks about herself in third person, calling herself Rhea (pronounced Ree-ah). I believe she is trying to say "Reesie." She'll say things like, "All done Rhea," "Good girl Rhea," or "Okay Rhea." It's pretty funny!

She keeps us laughing all the time! We just adore our little Reese.