Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update LONG Overdue

Months 13-16

So it's been 3 months since I updated this thing and a lot has happened-vacation, walking, Halloween, among other things. I just never feel that great so thinking about updating the blog seems pretty daunting at times, but I know I'll regret it later.

Since I last blogged, Therese began walking! She did it on October 1st and hasn't slowed down since she figured it out.

I'm amazed by Therese's vocabulary at this point. She is adding new words almost daily AND repeating almost everything we say. And they're identifiable, because I'm not the only one who recognizes what she is saying. Here is the "new word" list from the past 3 months, words that she is using regularly:

Go, bottle, Bracco, up, outside, book, rock, cat, poopy, yes, fuzzy, shoe, boot, pretty, barrette, cracker, button, pizza, drink, keys, hello, uncle, auntie, red, truck, apple, birdy, bubble, eew, kiss, grapes, drink, airplane, balloon, stand up, sit down, thank you, bad dog, help you, There's Reesie! (when seeing herself in pictures), Meow, that's a cat!, I got it/you!, This is a ____ (truck, dog, cat, rock, etc.)

-She even recognizes different animals like cats, dogs, horses, and birds, knows what trucks are(like Daddy's fire truck) and can distinguish the color red.

-She has all 4 molars now (poor kid!) It's been a rough few months for sleep around here.

-She can open doors all by herself. I was taking a shower one day and while in there I heard knocking on the door. I thought Aaron was making her do it. Next thing I know, the door opens, the shower curtain gets pulled back and there is Reese smiling up at me trying to climb in the tub! Aaron was no where to be found and that's when I realized she could open doors.

-Loves the phone. She has called a Post Office in another state twice and left a voicemail on a random individual's phone. We now put all the phones up and out of reach! :0) While pretending to talk on the phone, she says "Hi Dadda!" or "Hi Papa!"

-Can get down from the bed by herself

-Waves her finger around while yelling at the dogs

-She makes the fish face

-Loves to sing to herself

Here are some photos:

Hanging out in Sedona

Hiking in Sedona

Goofing around with the diapers on her head

Pasta face

"Don't bother me right now, I'm texting!"


Going for a ride at Papa's house

Hanging with Papa

Going out with the girls :0)

Playing at the park