Friday, August 27, 2010

13 Months

Therese adds new words to her vocabulary almost daily. I'm amazed at what a little sponge she is, repeating almost everything I say through out the day. She chatters almost non-stop between the the new words she's learning and repeating everything I say. There are still a few more words that she says frequently, but they haven't been distinguishable enough for me to figure out what they are. Here are the ones I know.

New words:

Don't Touch
Night Night
What is this/that?
What is it?
Who's that?


All done
Thank you
I love you (we have our own sign)

Some cute things she's doing:

We were swimming one afternoon and she decided to crawl out onto the pool deck. It was pretty hot and as she realized it, she said "ouch!" She now says "hot" when crawling on the pool deck.

Another time while in the pool I was pouring water on her back to keep her cool. She turned around, shivered and said "Ooh, stop it!"

She likes to hit us because we say ouch! So I've started saying gentle, and stroking her cheek. Now when I say gentle, she stops hitting and strokes my cheek saying "gentle."

While playing with her toy car, she makes vroom vroom noises.

When she gets caught with something she's not supposed to have, she quickly hands it over to me and says "Don't Touch!"

We had some friends over for dinner one night. She found my friend's purse on the floor, put her arm through the straps and crawled around carrying the purse.

She poses for pictures. Every time I pull my camera out, she smiles for me with her "cheese" face.

When she hears the word doggy, she goes "Woof woof!" She also tells them to sit when she sees them.

Gives us real kisses on the mouth now. It's the sweetest and one of my favorite things she does right now. She seems to enjoy doing it because after each kiss she gives, she laughs like she is so proud of herself.

Sings songs to herself while playing. Her little voice goes up and down in the cutest inflections while she babbles in words no one knows. I hope I can capture it on video.

She hasn't begin to walk yet. She balances at different times through out the day without holding on to anything, but she just hasn't braved that first step. I hope it's not too much longer!

Hanging out with Jenni and Madelyn

Swimming with Daddy

Say cheese and this is what you'll get!

Doing squeezers with her Gloworm

She loves Copper and crawls around on her ALL day!

Riding Copper like a horsey