Wednesday, June 30, 2010

11 Months

So I got a little behind again, I'm posting this late.

Therese continues to bring us more joy than we ever thought possible and the growth that she makes on a daily basis is just incredible! She has added some new words to her vocabulary: ducky: duh-gee, What's that?: Wassat? (while pointing), This: dis (while pointing), Oh wow!(my favorite) and dance has now morphed from dah to dass.

She eats all sorts of new foods including ravioli, gyro meat with tzatziki sauce and peanut butter/jelly sandwiches.

She has become quite the little snuggle bug, preferring mom to anyone else. She constantly hugs me, cuddles and asks for me to hold her. She often will just sit in my lap, laying her head on my chest. I don't mind that I'm her favorite, :0), but I think she's beginning to hurt daddy's feelings.

Therese is close to walking(or so I think), but you can never tell with a child how close it really is. I can put her on her feet and let go and she'll stand there balancing by herself until she discovers I'm no longer there. Then she will sit herself down and ask for my hands to hold. She can do it, she just doesn't know she can. And I think Reese is a little timid about trying new things. She does great cruising all the furniture and pulling herself up though. She has found her way all around the living room and kitchen. We were hoping she would be walking by my brother's wedding, but seeing that it's next week and she is still asking for our assistance, I don't think it will happen. Oh well, in her own time.

Around 8 months, Therese began waking in the night to nurse since her top incisors were coming in. It took about 2 months for the teeth to finally come in and I figured she would go back to sleeping through the night after they did. Well, here we were at 11 months and she still was not back to sleeping through the night. I decided that she had developed a habit and she needed to learn to soothe herself back to sleep. I let her cry it out. Sunday night she screamed for 2 hours before finally falling back to sleep. Monday night she screamed for 1 hour and last night she slept all the way through! Hooray! I'm hoping it continues because listening to your child cry is one of the hardest things to do. I know it is best for her because she needs her sleep, but it is just hard. I'm hoping this success continues.

Therese also fell out of her crib a few weeks ago. We had already lowered it in anticipation of her learning to stand up but apparently that wasn't low enough. She had just begun standing up and decided to crawl out instead of taking her nap. We heard a thud and a scream and ran upstairs to see what happened. There she was about a foot or two from the crib, on the ground crying, with a rug burn down her face. Silly girl!

She also really enjoys watching SYTYCD with me! She dances to the music, watches the dancers intently and claps with excitement! It's so funny to see how much she enjoys it. ;0)

Hard to believe she is almost a year old! This time last year I was doing flips in the pool to turn her in hopes of escaping a c-section. And now, it's just a fading memory and my "baby" is turning into a little kid. Amazing!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what we've been UP to

Therese has figured out how to climb stairs (uh oh!) and stand up in her crib. I captured it all on camera so you can see the sequence.

Starting on the first step...





...and success!!

Standing up!