Friday, May 28, 2010

10 Months and Vacation

Therese is now 10 months! She is so much fun and I continue to fall more in love with this girl everyday.

* Wearing 18-24 months clothes

* Eating almost everything we eat (except for all the no-no's like milk, etc.) She likes corn, black beans, tortillas, peaches, avocado, goldfish crackers, cheese, cottage cheese, cheerios, but her favorites are fruit leathers, berries and bananas. One of our favorite things is to watch her feed herself.

* New word: baby. I wasn't sure she knew what it meant until we were at the store and she saw a baby on a toilet paper package and exclaimed, "Baby!" She also says it when she gets upset, "Oh baby, baby."

*Other words: dat and what?
Dat: That
What?: What

* Belly crawling with the occasional hands-and-knees crawl

* Pushing up to sitting position from crawling

*Her favorite thing to do is walk, holding onto our hands. Any chance she can get, she will grab your hands, pull herself up and begin walking.

* She dances when you say the word "dance" or she hears music. Sometimes I catch her singing to herself while dancing.

*Loves the doggies more and more each day. I think it's her favorite word. She says it all the time and gets most excited about them.

We went on vacation this last week for our anniversary and took Therese with us. She got to try swimming for the first time. She was pretty indifferent to it-didn't hate it, didn't love it. But...she was enthralled by the other kids in the pool and the water fountains that spray water up from the ground in the kid area. She insisted that we walk through there, so I held her hands and she walked through the fountains. Here are some pictures of our time at the resort.

Showing me the bows

Swimming in the kiddie pool with daddy

Swimming in the adult pool

Walking around in the fountains and loving it!

My little mermaid

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Heineys

I have officially transitioned over to cloth diapers. I've been planning on using them for a while, but I just didn't have the motivation until now. After seeing how much money we've spent on disposables, I decided it was time. Here they are!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Learning so much!

It's amazing to watch a child learn. Everyday I'm amazed by what Therese is learning, it seems to come so rapidly, but brings so much joy!

Since the end of last week, Therese has been belly crawling. Pulling herself around the house sliding on her belly. We've thought about putting some cleaner on her belly so she can clean the floors too. :0) Well, yesterday she got herself up on all fours and took about 3-4 "steps" crawling forward, before she decided that wasn't fast enough. It happened a few times throughout the day.

Then, later on in the afternoon I went to get her up from her nap and found her on her knees and holding onto the side of the crib. She had pulled herself up, thankfully only to her knees. I guess it was time to lower the crib, so that is what Daddy did yesterday.

She has also begun to say "more." She started doing the sign 2 days ago along with saying "mo mo." Since starting both, she usually doesn't waste any time with the sign and goes straight to saying "mo mo mo."

Therese will now mimic almost everything I do, including facial expressions and voice sounds. The other day while giving her bath, I was singing Baby Beluga. I made a fish swimming through the water with my hands and swayed back and forth singing it to her. She picked up her fishy cup, drew it to her chest, swayed back and forth with me while singing in her sweet little voice. I couldn't believe it! She's actually very drawn to music and since birth has been very rhythmic. I think she may do something in music. Her middle name means "melody" so perhaps she'll sing? I don't know...She also likes to bounce up and down while saying, "Dah dah dah dah," which I think is "dance."

Therese also lets me know when she is ready for bed. She will begin to cry and say, "Nigh nigh" (which is night-night). It makes for easy bed and nap times.

Sometimes I tap her little nose with my finger and make a popping sound. She used to just smile, but now she grabs my finger and taps it to her face, making me do it again.

She also jibber-jabbers all the time!!! This kid never stops talking. My favorite is when she is playing with a toy, she'll talk to it for a while. Then out of nowhere, she'll hold the toy up above her head, look up at it and then scream as if it was a prize of some sort.

I love seeing her develop into her own little person with likes and dislikes. It's such a privilege.

Monday, May 10, 2010


A picture of me and Therese with my mom. 3 generations together. Love you both.

A few days ago Therese began belly crawling and she's gotten pretty good at it. She now moves very quickly across the house pushing with her feet and pulling with her arms. I don't know how to upload video, so this picture will have to do.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

9 Months

It's been a pretty rough month for us around here. Therese is developing quickly but as a result, she is VERY frustrated about things. My happy-go-lucky child has become very whiny because she can't seem to figure out the things she wants to crawling or walking. She is not content sitting on her blanket and playing anymore, but would rather be up walking around. If you hold your hands out, she grabs them, pulls herself up and begins walking. It is also disrupting her sleep and everyone else in the house. I haven't had a full night of rest in over a month due to the major developments and the FOUR teeth that have been working their way in over the last month. She wakes up multiple times in the night screaming and needing to be soothed back to sleep, something she has never needed before.

But...the teeth are in and she has begun cruising the furniture. Still not crawling, but close to it. I'm hoping we get some relief soon. Some of the things that make her happy are popsicles (don't worry, they are just pureed strawberries frozen in ice trays), walking, playing outside, the doggies, sharing her food and Grandma and Papa. Here are some Happy pictures of little Therese:

Eating her strawberry popsicle

Bam Bam!!

Climbing on mama

Twisting herself in circles

Cruising around the house

Some distinguishable words:

Peekaboo: Pik-a-goo
Tickle: Ticka
Mama: Mama
Dada: Dada
Doggie: Dah-dee
Duck: Duh
Night-Night: Nigh nigh

A cute moment: I went to my mom's yesterday to cut my hair. When we walked in my mom said, "Well hello there baby girl!" and Therese smiled really big and waved at her! Can't believe she's growing up.