Saturday, April 3, 2010

SO Big!

It's been a big week for Therese.

This is her favorite thing to do right now. She raises her arms when we say, "So big!" and then claps because she is proud of herself. It makes us laugh so hard.

We also introduced finger foods this week. Amazingly enough, she immediately began using her "pincher grasp" with the thumb and index finger, but has only been successful getting food into her mouth a few times.

Therese has 4 teeth coming in! The top lateral incisors are already in and the medial incisors are not far behind. I can see her gums blistering.

Therese plays peek-a-boo with us. She will hide her face with a cloth and then pull it away revealing her face and a huge smile! She will also find your face when you hide it. Aaron likes to cover his eyes with his hands, and then Therese will grab them and pull them off of his eyes so she can see him. So cute!

And now, she is officially waving! But what's funny about it is she waves towards herself. I guess it's because that's how she sees it. It's been hit-or-miss for a while, but now she waves back when other people wave at her.

Every day gets more enjoyable with her.

Playing in the laundry

Fire daughter