Tuesday, March 23, 2010

8 Months

Therese is 8 months!! Here are some of the developmental milestones:

1) She is about 29 inches long and 21 lbs.

2) She is wearing 12-18 month clothing.

3) She is lunging forward from a sitting position to grab things, almost tipping over to her knees. She now sleeps on her belly from rolling around during the night and moving herself in circles. She is working on crawling, but hasn't quite figured it out yet.

4) She claps her hands, shakes her head no and every once in a while waves when prompted.

5) She talks up a storm, but the only distinguishable words are mama, dada, and tickle. She says mama when I walk away, she's frustrated with something, or needs to eat or sleep.

6) Looks for objects when they disappear, such as dropping a toy from her chair or a disappearing daddy waiting to "pop" out and spook little Reese.

7) Enjoys looking at books.

8) Consistently gets called a boy. I either get, "How old is HE?" or "HE'S so cute." I think it's her hair. I call it the Daddy-do, spiky on top, short on the sides! (Just like Aaron's) She is growing a natural mohawk.

9) Loves dismantling things, especially her toy mobile. We made it out of pvc pipe and she loves pulling that apart.

10) Enjoys being outside. One of her favorite things to do is swing in our hammock in the back yard.

11) Reaches for me when she wants to be held or after I come home from being gone (love this).

12) Still a VERY happy baby. We're all smiles, all the time!

Visiting Daddy at work

Eating lunch at Chick-fil-a