Sunday, February 21, 2010

7 Months

Therese is 7 months today. Here are some of the things she's been doing:

1) At this point, we've tried many foods: yams, squash, bananas, strawberries, avocados and grapes. Her favorites are the yams and strawberries, I wonder why? :0)

2) She has begun to push herself backwards on the floor and pull herself around in a circle to get to her toys.

3) Because Therese has been so good at standing for so long, we tried her out in her walker a few weeks ago and she loves it! She rolls herself all over the house forward, backwards and in circles getting into things. She has begun to chase the dogs too. They aren't too fond of it, but she thinks it's great and laughs the whole time.

4) She understands the meaning of the word "no." When we say it, she stops what she is doing and moves onto something else.

5) She responds to her name. We say "Therese" and she turns and looks at us.

6) She is really good at mimicking: she copies sounds, facial expressions and hand gestures. My favorite is when she "meows" like a cat.

7) Sitting up unassisted.

8) When she drops objects while sitting in her walker, she leans over to edge to look for them.

9) My favorite thing that she does is a particular noise. You know the sound you get when you sing a straight tone and then run your finger up and down between your lips? That's what she does all the time! It makes us laugh when we see her scooting around the house in her walker making that noise.

I believe that Therese is a true extrovert! It's very clear to me by the way she vies for our attention. She will jibber jabber over the tv or music, topping its volume until you look at her. When you do, she gives you a big smile and laughs. She rarely likes to play alone and is constantly chatting. I wish I knew what she was trying to tell me. She also is quite the little flirt that grabs everyone's attention in stores while shopping. People stop to talk to her and then laugh when she flashes a huge smile showing her pearly whites. Then they tell me what a sweet, happy baby I have and how lucky I am to have her. I am truly blessed.

Happy 7 months Therese!

Here are a few pictures of her:

Celebrating my birthday and mesmerized by the candles.

Hanging out with Papa

Cousins minus one

Enjoying her strawberries!

A funny face she's been doing lately.

Perusing the house in her walker