Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Am I Boring You?

Today I was reading from one of my favorite blogs and my friend, the writer was talking about how addicted to blogging she is. She also mentioned how competitive the blogging world is, citing an article that gives tips to bloggers to spice up their site. Knowing that my blog is not one of the best out there, I decided to take a look at the article.

The content of my site needs to be useful to my readers. Useful? Who decides that? And what's it to them if I just want to vent and talk about nothing? I thought that was the purpose of a blog, to have an outlet for myself. Apparently, serious bloggers will decide if you're contributing worth while entries and being boring is not okay. I'll be the first to admit that I am not the best writer. I've never been and probably never will be. (I guess I won't be homeschooling my children in English). And I know that the things I write probably aren't that interesting. But if you notice at the top of my blog, the intent is to keep family and friends up to date with our lives. Not the people of the blogosphere. So, I apologize to the people out in blog-land for the boring entries. You don't have to come back to read about the development of my baby, it won't hurt my feelings...really. And for those of you who don't mind a boring little entry every once in awhile, keep on reading. I thank you.

I decided not to add a picture to my post because that would keep with the boring theme of my blog. Thanks Em for your great post and the useful information!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Still here

So at 10.5 weeks my nausea is picking up in intensity. I'm finding it even harder to eat now and I'm frequenting the toilet and sink more. All my friends say it usually peaks right before it tapers off, so there is only a few more weeks left of this. I hope they're right because I can't take this much longer.

Friday, December 19, 2008


I had another appointment yesterday and saw a new doctor. It's kind of a long story, but basically after a lot of stress (and crying) and calling almost every OB and endocrinologist office around me, I found two doctors who can keep me on my same thyroid medication. What a headache it's been, but I am so thankful to have found a few choices. The first one I saw yesterday.

She measured the baby and I got to hear the heartbeat. Last time I was told I was a week behind than where I should have been and this time the baby is measuring on track. So instead of measuring at 8 weeks, the baby measured at 9 weeks. That puts my due date somewhere around July 22, 2009. I could technically still be eight weeks and just have a very long baby. With how tall Aaron and I are it's pretty likely that our little peanut is not so little!

Well, here are baby Kelley's first photos. That's right, I stepped it up and got some! They are a little hard to see, but I made them as large as I could. The first picture is measuring the heart and it was beating around 173 bpm and the second is measuring the baby's length-measuring 9 weeks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Date

I had my first appointment yesterday and found out that my baby is younger than I had originally thought. Based on my last cycle I should be going into my 8th week, but baby measured at 6 weeks. So as of today, I am heading into my 7th, due date set at July 29th. Unfortunately, my doctor didn't give me any pictures of the new little one so I have nothing to show you. I'm pretty disappointed about it, but I guess I need to ask next time. This is the first lesson in Mom-hood, learning to stand up for me and my baby. It's time for me to get a little more bold and I've got 9 months to practice before I have to advocate for someone else.

Aaron couldn't stop talking about seeing the heart beating on the screen. He didn't think we were going to be able to see anything and so that little surprise was nice. I'll get pictures next time, but you'll have to wait another 4 weeks. I might just call the doctor's office and ask if I can have the ones they printed. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Say it ain't so

This last week(my 7th week) "morning sickness" or rather "all-day sickness" kicked in. I've avoided it up to this point and now that I've got it, I'm wondering just how long it's going to stick around. It has pretty much spoiled everything that I like to eat, including Thanksgiving dinner, and taking out the trash is quite a task when you're gagging all the way out the door. My biggest food aversion is meat, which normally wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't already avoiding wheat and dairy due to my food sensitivities. So now I have eliminated 3 major food groups! Let's face it, fruits and veggies just don't fill you up so I'm pretty hungry these days. But pretty soon this will all be over and I'll forget how bad I felt. Hopefully there's only a few more weeks of this...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So, I've decided to start a blog. This is something that I've wanted to do for quite some time, but never thought I had anything interesting enough going on in my life that people would actually want to read. But two weeks ago we joyfully found out that we are adding a little bambino to our family! That's pretty interesting, right? It happened sooner than we ever thought it would and we are so thankful for God's blessing. So follow along with us as we track the progress of our growing family.