Sunday, April 28, 2013

A busy six months

I ran into a friend today at church who mentioned that she just looked at my blog the other day.  It made me realize that I haven't updated it in about 6 months, so here I am sadly attempting to fill in what has happened over that span of time.  We've been up to a lot, probably more than I can remember, but I will try to recap the big stuff. 

Obviously we had the holidays and then a bunch of birthdays in between.  There were visits from family members on top of the usual life duties.  Aaron tested for a promotional position of Engineer in March.  The engineers drive the fire trucks and work the pumps during a fire.  After the long testing process, he became number 18 out of 100 guys!  So proud of him!  He also went to Boston for a few days in April for training with the Fire Dept special ops group he's apart of.  He literally left the day before the bombing, thank the Lord!  I went to New York for 4 days the following week for a performance.  I had a wonderful time with friends and we sold out our show!  I redid some furniture in my house and cut 8 inches of my hair off to donate.  Therese has been taking dance class and recently just got her ears pierced.  The kids are growing like crazy, so here's some of the words, stories, and funny things that have been happening around our house.  

Clay's words:
-uh oh
-uh uh
-water bottle
-I don't know
-down (for up)
-sit here
-here Mama

He's around 24 lbs and 30 inches tall.


-I took Therese with me to pick out Aaron's birthday gifts in March.  I told her not to tell Daddy where we went or what we got for him so that it would be a surprise.  She likes to pray before our meals, so on his birthday she prayed before our dinner.  Here's what she said, "Dear Jesus, thank you for this food and thank you that we got to go to Cabela's and buy daddy a water bottle and sunglasses for his birthday.  Dear Jesus, Amen!"  She was so proud of herself but had no idea she just spoiled daddy's surprise.  :)  

-My friend came over for dinner one night and she has a nose ring.  Therese was asking her about it since she had never seen one before.  A few days later she tells me, "Mommy, I need a diamond."  Oh really?  What kind of diamond?  "I need a diamond in my nose, just like Jenny!"  

-We were in the bathroom at dance class when Reese says to me, "When I don't listen to my mom and dad, I ask Jesus to forgive me.  He tells me it's okay."

-She constantly reminds us that when we spank her, it breaks her heart.

-She heard the word bikini on the radio and exclaimed, "They said zucchini Mom!  I love zucchini!"

-When Clay gets upset, she will hug and comfort him until he stops crying.  She will rub his back and tell him it's okay.  It's really sweet to watch her care for her little brother. 

She's around 40 lbs and 41/42 inches tall.  

 Christmas 2012

 Christmas 2012

Playing at the fire station

Park day

Easter 2013

Hair before donation

Hair after

Sunday, December 2, 2012

1 Year!

Clay turned one year last Friday!  We had a small party for him with family on Saturday the 24th. 

-23 lbs., 30 inches
-Says hi, dadda, mama, this(dis), that(dat), more(meh), Reese(Rsh), and lights
-Gives kisses with a pucker now and blows kisses with his hands
-Sleeping 12 hours a night, FINALLY! :)

Clay is such a little joy!  We love how snuggly, social, playful, happy and goofy he is.  Hardest year of my life, but it was so worth it and we are having fun.  

I never shared my birth story for Clay, so since it's his first birthday I'm going to share it here so I don't forget the details (at least the ones I can forget).  It's not an experience that I look back on with a whole lot of fondness, but I am extremely grateful that I was able to VBAC. 

Labor began at midnight, November 21 and was pretty intense from the get go.  I was able to rest a bit for a few hours until I couldn't lay in bed anymore through the contractions.  I called my doula around 3:30/4 am since it seemed things were progressing quickly and she arrives shortly after.  I tried to go back to bed for another 2 hours but the contractions were so intense that I was up by 6am for the long haul.  Contractions were still inconsistent at this point, ranging from 10-30 minutes apart, but when they came they were long.  A lot of my contractions would last 8-10 minutes at a time.  

The contractions were inconsistent all day so my doula encouraged me to go for a walk around 2/3pm to get things rolling.  We then decided to hit the mall to do some shopping to distract me from everything around 4.  While there, my contractions became 5 minutes apart, so we decided to head back home to pack things up.  We headed out around 5:30/6pm and on our way to the hospital my contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart.  I checked into triage, was told I was only 4 cm dilated, but was being admitted since I was a week overdue and this was obviously labor.  

We got our stuff in the birthing room, attached the monitor to my belly and got to work.  At this point I was in a lot of pain and was working hard for a few hours.  It was probably now around 8-9pm.  The midwives allowed me to get into the tub for about 15 minutes to ease some pain, but I wasn't allowed to spend too much time in there since I was VBACing.  I was shaking in the tub and knew I was in transition.  After getting out, I was checked and at this point was told I was dilated to 7cm and apprently had been stuck there for awhile.  We were nearing midnight and I thought for sure I was going to have him by then but they kept telling me that I wasn't dilating further than 7cm.  After shaking for hours, it felt like it was never going to end.  The midwife then discovered that my bag of waters was bulging and wasn't breaking on it's own, so she did it for me.  I thought this would progress things, but it didn't.  After a while, I was checked again when she discovered I had a cervical lip that wasn't allowing his head to pass into the birth canal and that I was indeed dilated to 10 cm!  In order to progress, my midwife had to manually hold my cervix open while I pushed (without the urge).  Once his head passed the cervix it wasn't too much longer before I felt the urge to bear down.  At this point I was in so much pain, I literally thought I was going to die.  I was on my back and wanted to switch to an upright position, but I was so paralyzed by the pain that I couldn't move.  By the time I was pushing him out, I was so wiped out that I kept stopping.  After some encouragement and 26 hours later,  he was born at 2:08am on November 22, and almost 9 pounds.  

I held him while the midwives stitched me up.  I had a 2nd degree tear, so they had to stitch the muscle then the tissue, and it took about 20 minutes.  I got two shots of novacain, which didn't work, so I felt every stitch.  That was a LONG 20 minutes.  Delivering Clay was by far the toughest and most painful thing I've ever experienced but I am extremely grateful that the Lord still granted us our wishes for a VBAC. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

11 Months

Clay is 11 months now and each month it just gets better.  He understands things we're saying to him and purposely does funny things to make us laugh.  He gives high fives, kisses, hugs and does the "more" sign.  He's been perfecting his walking over the last month, really took off while we were in Minnesota with family, but now he's pushing himself up from a squat and changes direction rather easily!  He's officially on the go!!

-Mimics everything his sister does and says
-Says "hi" when he waves
-Shakes his head "no" when he doesn't like something
-Talks on the phone
-Claps when he hears "yay"
-Tried to put his shoes on when it was time to go
-Can pick Aaron, Therese and I out of pictures
-On our way out the door, Clay was playing in the cabinets.  I said, "Ok kids, time to go!"  He stopped what he was doing, walked over to the garage door and banged on it to get out.
-While Therese was in time out, Clay was waving his finger at her and speaking his baby babble like he was reprimanding her.  haha!

21 lbs., 29.5 inches long

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recent pics

We got pics done of the kids about a month ago, here are a few favorites:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 Months

Clay is 10 months!!!  One of these days I will post some pics, I'm just falling way behind.  I'm on my way out of town tomorrow to visit family in MN so this is going to be short.

-The biggest thing going on right now,  Clay is pretty much walking!  He takes risks walking away from the objects he is holding on to, but usually sits down and begins to crawl.  If I put him down, he will walk 2-5 feet at a time before falling over.  He's more than capable of doing it on his own, he just hasn't figured it out.  It's fun to see him try though.

-It took a few weeks to get him sleeping through the night and after getting a week or two of sweet sleep, he's back up.  :-/  Not sure why he keeps waking himself up.  If I knew, we'd all be getting a lot more sleep around here.

-Clay is very observant.  He will mimic things he sees his sister or others do.  One day I caught him placing food on a fork and trying to put it in his mouth after seeing his sister use one. And another day we had our neighbor kid over and he was using the sit and spin.  After watching our neighbor kid spin, he began to spin himself around on his bottom.  So funny.

-He roars like a dinosaur.  Therese was roaring like one at dinner and out of the blue, Clay started growling.  We all erupted in laughter and he continues to do it just to get laughs out of us. 

-Waving hello and goodbye  :)

Friday, August 31, 2012

9 Months

Clay is one active kid!  He is busy from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed.  Here's what is happening at 9 months:

-Still gets up 2x a night, but that's changing!  We're are working hard to get him sleeping through the night because my body and health can't take it anymore.

-Loves to wrestle, bounce, flip, fly and anything to do with rough housing!

-Loves to play peek-a-boo with a blanket.  He will pull it over your face to get the game started and then pull it off to be surprised by you.  

-Tries to clap and does "So big."

-Beginning to say Momma and Dadda.  He definitely understands our names but there have been a few times I think he was calling us by our names. 

-Has 3 top teeth, the fourth is coming in and a third bottom tooth.  He has seven total.  :).

-We are working on signs (more, food, all done).  He understands but hasn't tried signing yet.

-He loves squeezer hugs.  If you ask him if he wants squeezers, he will lay on your chest, grab you tightly and wait for you to squeeze him.  

-When he tells you something, he holds up his arm, palm up and make his little babble noises.  He's very serious when telling you stories.

-He's balancing more and more by himself.  Today he stood unassisted for about 5 seconds and he's shifting between objects (couch to table, vice versa) while cruising. A few times he has attempted a few steps (1-2).  I hope this means he'll be walking soon!

-Clay is our little snuggle bug, he will snuggle with almost anyone!  He met a guy at church today for the first time, reached for him and then laid his head on his chest.  The nursery workers told us how cuddly he was with them too.  This morning when we got up, we brought Clay in bed with us to snuggle and as soon as he saw Aaron, he began laughing and reaching for him, crawled his way over to his chest and then burrowed in.  He's such a sweetie. 

-21 lbs. and 29 inches long, head circumference 18

Sunday, July 29, 2012

8 Months

-For the last few weeks, Clay has been pulling up on and cruising furniture.  He's even climbing our stairs.

-Eating lots of foods: cheese, crackers, melon, bananas, applesauce,  pretty much anything he can sink his gums into!  He even snagged a piece of his sister's cake sitting on the coffee table last night!  This kid loves to eat and he's doing very well using his pincher grasp, even scooping pureed food into his little mouth.

-I can finally see two of his top teeth that have been working their way in.  Hopefully they'll break through soon.

-He dances to music.  :)

-Clay is a very affectionate child.  I want to share some of the sweet things he's doing right now.  When he sees someone he knows, like his grandparents, he will reach his hand out until they come to him.  Then he will stroke their face with his hand lovingly while smiling.  Also, during the night after he's done feeding, he will pull himself up to my chest and then snuggle in.  He will fall asleep for a few minutes to me rubbing his back, and sometime will even rub my arms as I rub his back.  It's in these moments that I never want to let him go.

Update:  As of tonight (7/30/12), Clay let go of the couch and stood on his own for a few seconds!  This kid is blowing my mind!!!